Just Scramble Them by Ken Weiss

He called me on my cell phone.

Not many have the number,

but he has had it for years.

He asked to meet me for breakfast

at the usual time in the usual place,

but there is no fruit there,

and the coffee tastes awful.

What might he want to talk about?

He just retired. Is he bored already?

Is he selling tickets to a charity ball?

I gave his number to a friend who asked for it.

Is he upset about that?

How will I answer him? What will I say?

Can I help in any way?

Who knows? Well, here goes,

into the abyss with eggs and bacon.

Author: Ken Weiss

Transitioning during 2016 from import/export consulting to writing. Most interested in fiction, food and travel subjects. Have lived in six countries and traveled to eighty; can communicate in English, Spanish and French. Member of Rotary Club, Stanford MBA association, and other organizations.