Segment of on the run by Mario Salazar

Did you see the camera?

Better yet, did it see you?

When Scarecrow came back to his senses, he acted according to script. Instead of just dusting himself off and being grateful for not being able to complete his dastardly acts, he slugged several people that were trying to help him.

He also uttered threats that convinced the responding police officers that there was reason to take him in. It wasn’t difficult for a sharp detective to get Scarecrow to divulge that he had come into the VFW hall to commit a crime. He had intended to go to the kitchen area, where most of the money from the Friday seafood fest was kept. He then would have gone out the back door. For all his lack of judgment, he did not reveal that he had been armed.

When several of the witnesses were questioned, they revealed the improbable intervention by a stranger. None of the people questioned showed knowledge of the stranger. However, the police figured out that they could get some information from a security camera in the parking lot. They were also very curious as to the quick exit by the stranger.

After several hours of watching the surveillance tapes and correlating the time for the incident the police narrowed down the persons of interest to those driving three cars that had left around the right time. Of those the easiest to identify was the one with the placards on the side that read “García Web Authoring”. A simple search identified the company, its address and Paco as its sole owner.

Detective Candace Augustine decided to visit the place of record for the web business. She discovered that it was the same as the home of the owner, so she figured that the owner would be there.

Paco had just finished his daily exercise routine when he heard the bell ring. He checked the surveillance monitor in his study and saw an attractive, professional looking female at his door and an unmarked police car at the curb.

For a moment he thought to hide. Since his car was in the garage, there was no tell-tell sign of his presence in the house. However, at the last minute he decided to answer the door. He believed that his casual attitude and exercise attire would reflect well with the stranger.

Detective Augustine identified herself and asked Paco: – “Good morning I am detective Candace Augustine, are you Mr. Francisco García?”- The name spoken with a perfect accent.

“Yes, perfect accent, would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee, I just finished brewing it?

“Yes, I would love some. By the way, your English is excellent.”

At first she engaged in what appeared casual conversation. In a few minutes she found out that he came originally from Spain, was an American citizen and had worked in IT for a number of years, including some years as a merchant marine.

She then asked him: – “Could you give me a contact for your work before coming to the Beach?”

Paco gave the detective the name and information of the company for which he and the real Francisco Gallo had worked. She copied all of it in her notebook.

She finally got to the point when she inquired: – “Where you at the VFW lodge last night? Where you accompanied?”

“I was, alone but did not stay. Noticed there was some kind of a commotion and decided to skip the fried clams and beer”.

He told her that he had driven into the parking lot a few minutes past 6:30 PM and as he opened the door to come in, he noticed a person being restrained and a lot of agitation near the bar. He had decided that maybe he could forgo the fried clams and draft beer that he had gone there for and just leave. So he had gone back to his car and had gone to the Big Fish for dinner. He offered to search for the receipt if she needed confirmation. She indicated that he could do so later, just in case.

Detective Augustine finished her coffee and thanked Paco for it before she stood up, signaling her exit. Paco walked her to the door, grabbed one of his business cards and gave it to her, just as she was doing the same for him.

She then asked: – “Could you give me the name and contact info of a couple of your clients to corroborate? – She added this information to her notes.

Paco’s sixth sense went on alarm mode when the cop left. He foresaw danger in the days to come and decided to make arrangements for his next metamorphosis. He could not rely on his self-serving responses to safe-guard his secrets.

While he had kept to his script and had only revealed details of (the dead) Paco García’s life, there could be further investigation that could require DNA testing. In this area he was very vulnerable.

He still had three false sets of identity papers and decided to implement his next disappearing act.