Alice by Natalie Vanrossum

She was created by the French Government for a space program and the program was scrapped and  long story short  Alice turned into a housekeeper.

  She is round, animated, has wheels, short but extending arms

 The round animated robot is  purple and pink and made of recycled metals and plastic.

Her power button is at the back of her head. Alice is a prototype. If successful

the developers will make more and then sell them world wide. Her laugh is lyrical.

She is able to lengthen herself,  and French is her main language and speaks English

 With a heavy accent and goes by the name of Alice, She wears

a pink apron and always responds  “Oui Madame you

called may I be of service?” She is almost  human.

 Alice does not take kindly to being ordered around, and please

Remember to apologize when Alice  is offended

 She always requires a please and thank you.

When given an order she stops whatever she is doing

If angered curses in French; uses words only sailors would use.

And if idle too long she must be rebooted so please

Remember your manners. She doesn’t require  a remote

Her best skill is cooking. Don’t come into the kitchen

Unless she politely requests your  presence. Please

Don’t be offended if she politely asks you

to leave while she is preparing a meal.  Her favorite

dish is ratatouille but will prepare what you politely

request.  She will do the laundry, dishes, mop

the floor. She hangs the clothes to dry

because that’s what they do in France.