A Misunderstanding, by Nancy

A Misunderstanding

  1. out loud:  “I am angry that you left the party for so long.”

(J. inside:  I felt alone and not cared for.)


  1. out loud: “Sorry.  Let’s drop it.”

(C. inside:  I was panicking around all those people, but am ashamed for you to know.)


  1. out loud: “I don’t understand why this keeps happening?”

(J. inside:  It feels like you don’t want to be with me.)


  1. out loud:  “Whatever—let’s move on.”

(C. inside:  On no–she thinks something is wrong with me.  I can’t handle this.)


(J. inside:  He doesn’t care about me.)


(C. inside:  I am terrified of disappointing her.)


Author: Ken Weiss

Transitioning during 2016 from import/export consulting to writing. Most interested in fiction, food and travel subjects. Have lived in six countries and traveled to eighty; can communicate in English, Spanish and French. Member of Rotary Club, Stanford MBA association, and other organizations.