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Sorry for cancelling our meeting of 3/20.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday April 3rd 6:45 PM at the Stonehouse Grill on Rt. 355. Please let Ken know if you are planning to read and bring enough copies to get comments. If you want the piece to be put up on this page send it to Ken ( or to Mario (

Writer’s Digest Competition

Enter your writing in the 87th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. First price $5,000 and national acclaim.

Many categories.

Please note:

Below is some information from Larry Hodges. He is a recent participant who has had several pieces of his work published. Larry writes:

Here is info on the three online writing workshops coming up in January. I’m taking the one with Scott Andrews.

 Larry’s latest stories:

If you want to see my latest stories, here are two that went up recently:

“Redo” at

“The Nature of Swords” at



Meeting on June 21, 2017

Our group’s writers are meeting high standards. On June 21st, Ben read a fascinating one-pager entitled, “Beautiful,” she said,”And tragic.” Bill followed with an excellent piece that began: “She was lethargic and seldom spoke–a clear portent that her ancestors were beckoning.” Ken followed with a poem about acquaintance and impermanence, and then Mario’s ongoing story moved into the realm of a Latin gang.

At one point, our waiter said something about “The Ancient Mariner,” and Ken spouted a verse of it. Bill knew the poem too and recited the opening verse. 

Newbies, Elizabeth and Sandy participated in the critiques, found things in common, and stayed after the meeting to talk about them. Writers attract writers.

On March 21, 2017 we had an excellent meeting. The photo below shows us in the middle of it, from left: Rachel, Ken, Mario, Ben, Larry, Ellie and Dell. We also hosted a videographer from the city of Gaithersburg that came to tape Ken, as our host. Rachel, Mario, Larry, Ellie and Dell read from some of the projects they have going. Rachel is a newcomer, she has two more writing Meetons. The fare was good and the company better.

Photo of participants on 3/21/17
Participants 3/21/17

GCWG1-17-17-1 GCWG1-17-17-2

We had a great meeting last Tuesday January 17. Six people attended. DelRica one of our new members sent me a link for a short story competition.

The dead line is fast approaching. If you have that literary jewel, this is your chance.

Participants at our meeting on 7/19/16

Rotary & Meetup July 19 013

We enjoyed the company of : (from left), Arlene, Holly, Richard, Anna (with Henry), Mario, Matthew, Ken, Mo, Nancy and Vivian. A good time was had by all.

Participants at our first meeting on 7/5/16.From left: Bea, Mario, Holly, Ken, Mo, Peter and Nancy.